How was the winery?
Ignacio Rivero, owner of this estate, died in 1994. It was a shame to leave without continuity of an estate considered as a model in agricultural innovation in the Canary islands. I am an economist and I thought of my friend George to give continuity to the project together. Without to take too long, this new stage does not start with a new investment. It has been a slow transformation able, year after year, to make the agricultural activity, and dump the profits in new projects. Avocados, custard apples, table grapes, potatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, blackberries, mangoes, even ornamental plants such as locasias and anthuriums are some of the crops that we implemented. At the same time, we set up a nursery coach of vine and compaginamos with advisory services in agriculture to other farms.

By passion, by irresponsibility or by chance, it doesn't matter. The case is that we have opted for this winery, and it is a few years dedicated to this activity that gives us the opportunity every year to open new paths and wait for the time to discover what lies behind each wine.

Southeast of the canary island of Tenerife, a few meters from the atlantic coast, we manufacture and bottling our wines with enthusiasm, patience and dedication. We grow to foot frank varieties unique, rescued from the viticulture traditional canarian. Our terroir, the great Valley of Güímar, nourishes with its volcanic ash, rich in minerals, a vine carefully.
Our name, Contiempo, express our values. Direct attention to the cultivation, manual harvesting and the development of small lots are our flag. We produce wines that highlight the characteristics of our varieties, combining the use of modern equipment with methods of traditional preparation. We are looking for a wine present that transmit our culture.
Contiempo is not just a wine, it is an experience that we build between you all. Come to meet us, stroll through our vineyards by bike or on foot and enjoy with your friends for a tasting on our terrace.
Our doors are open.


Rodrigo Mesa


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