CARBAJALES is made exclusively from the grapes of our vines, which allows us to maintain the uniformity and characteristics of a wine that is made entirely in the cellar of the farm itself. Year after year, we get a product that is of high quality, with a bouquet, body and flavor of its own that is kept from one harvest to another and that, over the last few years, he has been getting high scores in guides specialized.


As in the best tradition, we are a family team that has organized their system of life to achieve a quality wine, taking care of with mimo the land and the grape, which every year we draw we try to extract the best broth.

Most of the tasks are carried out manually, from the collection of the vegetation, the pruning and the vintage.

Of all this, we take care of ourselves, with the care and attention that the final result requires, requesting external support only for those tasks, as the treatments to the vines, which require the use of mechanized vehicles.

With this, we have cultivated a grape of exceptional quality and, as a result, a wine that has received very high scores in specialized guides such as the Peñin Guide, as well as awards at regional competitions as prestigious as the corn exchange.


With an extension of 1.5 hectares, in January 1999, the vineyard was converted to trellis and replanted. The varieties of vine ink of our farm are the traditional Listán Negro, and other such classics as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, which grow very well in these lands. There is also a small part of the Listan Blanco, that is produced a white wine of very good acceptance.

Proceed to the pruning in the middle of January and the veraison (color change of the grapes) takes place at the end of June, although these dates are variable depending on the weather.

From August, make controls of maturation each week, which allows you to calculate, approximately, the date of optimal harvest.

The farm has four orchards that are well differentiated, with controls of maturation for each individual one of them.

The harvest is performed manually, with a careful selection and cleaning of the bunches, moving the boxes of grapes promptly to the winery, located in the same farm. The manual work of the care of the vineyard, which is primarily carried out by the own family.


It was built in 2004, using the latest technologies. The tanks for fermentation and storage are made of stainless steel, equipped with a cooling system that allows you to control the temperature during fermentation.

The barrels are new French and american oak, remaining the wine in them a minimum of 4 months.

The winery is under ground, stability of the temperature is constant throughout the year, allowing for a proper finishing and fine-tuning of wine.


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