The farm is located in the southwest of the Island of Tenerife, at an altitude of approximately 400 metres, in the region of Machado, municipal district of Hope, The Rosary. With an extension of 15,000 square metres, of which 10,000 meters are dedicated to the planting of a vineyard. In this area, it enjoys a dry climate and temperate, predominantly, the Trade winds are ideal for the development of the variety Syrah. Included in the designation of origin Tacoronte Acentejo.

Bodega La Hijuela is the result and the more clear example of a dream come true. An idea and a personal project of its owner, Jesus Ramirez Rosado, a tenerife adoption worker and he only, that back in the year 2005 and the fruit of their love to the earth island and the world of viticulture led him to the exciting adventure of making reality a family winery and very special, in the area of Machado, in the municipality of El Rosario, on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands – Spain).

Next to Jesus Ramirez Rosado, Bodega La Hijuela is an exciting adventure in which, once more, has a special role to be a great woman, Carmen Concepción González Segovia, his wife and loyal companion, who supports the project and collaborates with him in all that he knows and can from the first moment, when, in the year 2005, Jesus, buy some land in the already mentioned neighborhood of Machado.

It was the year 2008 when, already turned into a wine-grower, Jesus Ramirez and his team of collaborators have planted the first strains that, by the express wish of the owner and after appropriate investigations, studies and proposals, it is decided that they are the grapes of the variety Syrah. Without doubt, an exciting challenge in the area of Machado and within the framework of the denomination Tacoronte-Acentejo.



The exciting project has been referred to generically Bodega La Hijuela, is formed by two parallel realities and complementary, working with tenacity, rigor and professionalism make possible to the desired end product: a great wine varietal of the grape variety Syrah. We refer, obviously, to The vineyards of la Hijuela, and, on the other hand, to the winery, itself.

Located in the own neighborhood of Machado, right next to the vineyards and with stunning views towards las Cañadas del Teide and to the Atlantic ocean, with the island of Gran Canaria which is often seen in the background, in the premises of Bodega La Hijuela is arranged in a construction that respects the landscape and following the lines of the traditional architecture canaria.

Account with a covered area for the proper storage and protection of all materials, vehicles and machinery necessary for the proper care of the vineyards. A large terrace gives access to the own wine cellar and a nice tasting area.

Already in the interior of the winery itself, The Hijuela account with a zone of production of wines, where you will find the depalilladora and crusher, the vats for the racking and the fermentation tanks of stainless steel, as well as a area as a small laboratory, prepared for the implementation of the mandatory quality controls.

Just to the side of this area is the cozy, quiet and silent Room of Barrels, with a stable temperature and controlled throughout the year, followed by another Room of Bottles, specially designed for the best idle, and the evolution of the wine, once bottled and properly labeled.



 In summary: the Result of the work of the winemaker, Jesus Ramirez, and the advice of the oenologist Pedro Sanchez and other professional experts in this type of facility, the Bodega La Hijuela account with a last generation equipment, specifically installed for a family-owned winery whose initial goal is in the production, processing, and bottling of a maximum of 10,000 bottles per harvest.





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