Founded in 1869, the Farm, The Island boasts a successful wine business developed in the municipality of Tegueste. Today, their descendants maintain this tradition alive with a few well-kept facilities and a production of meanings wines belonging to the Denomination of Origin Tacoronte-Acentejo.

Two thousand shields of gold was the price paid by Tomás González Melián in 1869 by a farm of three acres and a half, located in Tegueste The New, and called it the Farm The Island. Exploitation, as was usual at that time, was devoted to different crops, and its new owner, and after their descendants, anxious to modernize and monetize their property, they explored new possibilities, such as citrus, coffee or sugar cane, although the wine was always the primary production. Currently, the farm is dedicated in its integrity to the cultivation of vineyard, also in the majority in other Farms of the area, today integrated in the wine region of Tacoronte-Acentejo, recognized from times past as a excelentetierra of wines.


Current production

Finca La Isleta is still managed by the descendants of that great-grandfather, entrepreneur, producing, through traditional processes, a few wines, white wines, red wines and malvasia, of special features within the designation of origin of the region. The vines, of varieties mainly inks, grown on the farm itself, together with others, also located in the municipality of Tegueste, are among others that help fuel the production of Bodegas La Isleta, a brand with which they are marketed a few broths young people that honor their history.

The conservation of the former home of the settlers of the Farm and of the different environments of the rest of the property has allowed to combine productive activity with its opening to the public, which you can discover a multitude of fruit species and other native plants, as well as different varieties of vines.





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