Being the main activity in the wine-growing estate with own wine-cellar, the property has three buildings, located at a high altitude, and acquired, by D. Eugenio Reveron Sierra in the year 1947, with an area of 17.1 hectares of which 12 hectares are dedicated to organic cultivation. The "Construction", which in times past was the old wine cellar has been remodeled without losing the aesthetics of the building and of the historic. In this way, are integrated under a same building tradition of the ancient development and the modernity of the new facilities with the latest technical advances. Recreational areas surround the property for the enjoyment of visitors.


The vineyards of our winery, located above 1300 meters above the sea level, are located in the town highest point in Spain, Vilaflor. The proper management of the soil, which only adds organic matter of biological origin, a thorough control of the cultivation and a careful selection of the raw material to give a result a few exclusive wines of great character and personality.

The varieties that we use for the elaboration of our wines, are perfectly adapted to the climate, height, and needs delcultivo eco-friendly , with the most common being the Listán Blanco white, dry and fruity white wines, and Listán Negro, Tempranillo, Spanish, Cabernet Sauvignon... for the reds.


In march 2006, with 89 years under his belt and with the metro in hand, Eugenio Reveron Sierra discussed with Diego, his son, and the boy, as he called it, of the peculuaridades of an exciting project that at once frightened him, the extension of your old wine cellar, which since 1947 made its wine in bulk, and in which he had already begun to develop two new wines, one white semi-dry and one red, bottled under the brand Finca Reveron under the auspices of the D. O. Abona. And is that "he did not like things to become crazy, since a project must know how to work through it and see you because if not, it's useless"

EUGENIO REVERON SIERRA, (17-11-1916 • 17-08-2010), was devoted, among other things, to the vineyards since 1946. "I bought grapes and started making wine, although it was all more complicated now, sold all the wine that we did, but had to carry them in bottles, by hand, because there was nothing paved"

Was Diego Reverón, son of Eugenio, who managed to convince "the old developer" to recover the family land and turn them into vineyards to produce quality grapes, giving the wine cellar of new technologies, build playgrounds and recreation-focused visitors with walks between vineyards, a store with products made on the farm, animals which provided the natural fertilizer for the plants, organic farming, guided visits of the winery... the new project that was scared to Eugene, but which today and day-to-day becomes a reality, always with new ideas and a lot of effort.


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