The best legacy that I will leave my father will have been the love of the vine and its fruit. He still lives in my memory as a child, the noise they did at home with the treading of the grapes, the pressing, filling barrels, and the image of those men steeped in wine, which I will never forget.

With the passage of time, one of my dreams becomes a reality and is seen fulfilled in the paraje de Fray Diego in Tacoronte: my own cellar, of my own wine.
I invite you to share this dream by visiting our winery to show you from our facility, even to the smallest details, the traditional cultivation of our vineyards and the elaboration of our wines.

In addition to the magical environment that form the village of Tacoronte,the north coast of Tenerife, the Teide and its slopes to the bottom, and the extraordinary sunsets, will put the final touch of flavour to our wines authentically canarian.



In an estate of 50,000 m2, extension, and planted in its entirety of the vineyard, is the Winery Tabaibal.
The altitude of the vineyards, between 100 and 1,000 meters, allows the planting of a large variety of white grapes, the canary islands (Malvasia, Vijariego, Gual, Listán Blanco, verdello varieties, Moscatel, Marmajuelo, etc), as well as the main red varieties (Listán Negro, Negramoll, Tempranillo, etc) the latter being of the majority and that give rise to wines that are more interesting.

Vineyards are planted on very fertile land, low in carbonates and on a subsoil of volcanic origin. It is soils are very permeable, rich in minerals, poor in lime and with plenty of potassium and phosphorus.

The vine is the only plant that has been rooted to the earth deTacoronte since the conquest and, although it went through their hard times, fortunately today is another. It has been modernized agriculture, both in the means of production, as in the form of elaboration of their wines, returning to Tacoma the fame of other times.

When you lose the trade maintained with England for about a century, the farmer of Tacoma does not abandon the cultivation of the vineyards, the wine is going to be famous for years among the consumers and it is at the end of the NINETEENTH century and early TWENTIETH century, at which time the growers in the area look to increase your economy.

In the decade of the 50's last century was way in Tacoma a society of winemaking.

And it is at the beginning of the years 90 when you create laDenominación of Origin Tacoronte – Acentejo, in the case of the oldest denomination of origin in the Canary islands and perhaps the greatest development of viniculture and technology.


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