Our passion for wine began many years ago, when we helped my father in the tasks of viticulture, irrigation, pruning, and work to keep grapes healthy, for later in the winepress to start the tread, with the help of the children among them my children, and the elderly, to make a wine raised in barrel, all in the family estate of the Barranco de Badajoz.
With the time, and in a part of the same we extend those who are now our vineyards with the acquisition of properties adjoining, and developing the construction of our winery named Bodega Tempus SAT, thinking about our ancestors ancient aboriginals of the Barranco de Badajoz that had been a rigorous determination of the calendar based on the study of the movement of the stars in the firmament, from which determined both in the solar calendar as the lunar, that begins with the full moon of the month of August and it is composed of twelve full moons consecutively counted from August, coinciding with what they considered to be the best growing season.
Taking into account the referential, historical, the family of my ancestor, the traditional, and the location of the cellar in the Barranco de Badajoz, we are working to with the passage of time, combine in our wines all of those components, and be able to share with the family Bodega Tempus, our passion for wines.


 Carmen G. Díaz Díaz




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