Located in Tacoma since its inception in the year 1989, has been renovated and expanded several times, with the aim to adapt it to the demand of our market and provide it with techniques more advanced in the field of wine production and help to develop the traditional wines of the area with the personality and character of The Mocanero, with a capacity that exceeds 120,000 litres, is divided into four rooms, the main intended for the development, alongside this, the crianza room of barrels and in its upper part tasting room, next to the warehouse, and bottling. In addition, we have a store at the foot of the street, where you can buy our products directly at the winery.

Attached to the Denomination of Origin Tacoronte-Acentejo from the beginning of the same in the year 1992 and subject to controls that verify the quality and value of our products.

The Mocanero, takes its name from the tree of the laurel forest (Visnea mocanera L. f.), very common to view the article in the ravines of the area of Las Riquelas, next to one of the parcels of greater importance of the family, where gesture, in his time, the idea of the winery. Gives a fruit in the form of a capsule, fleshy, more or less oval in shape, that receives the name of yoya, Was of great importance in the economic of the aboriginal population of the islands by being one of the few edible fruits produced by the forest. It was used for the preparation of a drink called charcequén, for many, the first wine of the Canary islands.

"Attachment to the tradition without renouncing to progress", and they prayed the first bottles of The Mocanero in the late 80's of the last century. It was the beginning of a project, rooted in the land and its vines are centuries old, covering our landscape, and inspired by our wines. The winery is the fruit of the effort and the illusion of José Miguel Díaz Torres, who ends up set out to your family in this exciting adventure to grow grapes and produce wines in an area of roots wine Tacoronte-Acentejo.

Our objective is, respecting the knowledge that has passed on our history and building on the legacy of our ancestors in the form of a wine-growing culture, get extract from the depths of our volcanic soils and the true essence of our wines. Alive with aromas of volcano and very marked by the varieties of the islands.

Our technological advances throughout this period make today of our facilities, our vineyards and our wines are a benchmark of quality, at the cutting edge with the times.

Adapted to the fast-paced present, we offer a range of wines typical of our area, young people, who bring the flavor of the ripe fruit and the character of the brand.


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