The Rebusco is a family winery located in Araya, Candelaria. Since their great-grandparents existed in the home of a traditional winery where the wine was made in barrels, a portion is consumed between the family and the other was sold to a bulk or simply traded them with friends.

Currently, after several generations, have wanted to expand the warehouse and equip it with new technologies, stainless steel tanks, presses, cold, etc, all this momentum to improve has helped me to have a winemaker in the family, who in part take care of the technical side, they soak all their knowledge in the elaboration of the wines.

In 2012, they are in the market with two brands, whites, dry and fruity, to those who have chosen to call “The Temptation” and a young red-called “Dis-tinto”.

Their wine “The Temptation” is focused to all women. Today, the woman has broken into the world of wine, with a renewed vision, with character, with creativity, with a sixth sense that enriches the field, the production and the consumption itself. For all of this, and because his wine cellar is comprised mostly of women, have chosen to dedicate their product to all of them.

The name chosen for the winery makes a nod to your municipality, as there is an area on the slopes of Araya called The Rebusco, where formerly cultivated vineyards and produced wines of great quality. On the other hand the term “rebusco” is associated from many years ago to the world of wine.


“The Rebusco”

In the past, the harvests grew more than today, since the media of that time were different to those of today. Is transporting the grapes to the wineries in trucks or many times in donkeys or oxen.

When it was ended officially, the harvest, came the time of what was called at that time “the rebusco”. Consisted in returning to the field and go over areas that were already harvested, looking for strain for strain those clusters or segments of grapes that had been left behind, many times for its small size.

Many of the laborers, leaving behind some other cluster then it will go back and search without the foreman percatase. Sold the rebusco that drew and so could be drawn a little bit of money extra, that if there was another before them to read.


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