Winery and vineyards

Lots of the Marquis is a family-owned winery, which started to produce wine in the year 2006. Already twenty years before had begun the work of vine-growers, selling our grapes to other winery of the Denomination of Origin Valle de La Orotava.

Geographically we are in the north of the island deTenerife, specifically in the Valley of la Orotava, and within it the municipality of the same name.

Without losing sight of the respect for the tradition, a basic pillar of our philosophy in the winery, in Lots of the Marquis we try to interfere artificially as little as possible in the elaboration of our wines, working with indigenous yeasts, avoid fillings, and we use sulphur dioxide in small quantities only for the bottling of our wines.

All the processes are carried out manually, since the work in the vineyard until the harvest. In the vineyard we avoid the use of systemic treatments, using only natural products in the onset of disease.


You know the cellar

The winery is equipped with concrete tanks without coating of different volumes in which we often carry out the fermentation of our wines and to certain parcels on the fine-tuning of the same.

The rearing is conducted in small fudres of 500 litre capacity French Oak from artisan coopers from Burgundy. We conceive of the use of the same as a process of refining of the wine only, and does not add any tint to our wines.

In turn we have stainless steel tanks of different volumes of capacity that allow us to perform assemblies of various parcels for our Wines of Villa and of the different barrels for the wines of plot, as a step prior to bottling.



Since its inception in the year 2006 in this small family winery have opted for the employment of native varieties and by the use desistemas driving traditional. We only work with growers of the Valley of la Orotava, trying to keep the wine-producing heritage of the area dating back to five centuries ago.



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