The term Denominación de Origen is part of a regulatory classification system primarily for Spanish wines (similar to the French system of Appellation d'origine Contrôlée).
Is used, also for other foods, such as cheeses, condiments, honey and meat.
Performs the role of regulation of quality and geographical origin among the best producers of Spain.
Islands of the Canarian archipelago include eleven zones Denominación de Origen (designation of origin):

Basically, DO each zone includes separate island.
These areas include:

On the island of Tenerife highlighted several areas DO:



Area DOP Islas Canarias was created recently as a marketing tool to promote the wines of the Canary archipelago in overseas markets.
Has no defined territory. Thereto may be assigned, by decision of the owners of Bodegas, as a separate bodega and private wine produced in a specific bodega. Ie bodega to produce wine at the same time and under the brand DOP Islas Canarias, and DO that under the brand name, in whose territory it is located.

Thus, actually on the Islands presents ten separate and distinct zones DO.


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